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In the event you make a party, we can supply it at our Party Rentals Miami store!

We have tents, dance floors, chairs, tables dishes, and China.


Best prices in the city

Also, we rent a wide range of bounce houses and waterslides.

Give us a chance to make your event an amazing experience!

Party Rentals Miami bounce house

Many bouncy-castles

bouncy castle for kids



pirate-ship-bounce house

Party Rentals Miami!

  • It's ideal for birthday parties, school fairs, church celebrations and corporate occasions in Miami.
  • Additionally, we have a remarkable amount of bounce house rentals including water slides courses for lease including, obstacle courses, and super combo packages.
  • Table and chair rentals couldn't be less comfortable.
  • Admittedly, no occasion is too big or little.
  • We thank you for the chance to earn your business and dependable convey clean gathering seat rentals on time!

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Party Rentals Miami Making a Dream Party Come True

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Let’s go over three essential items you can get at party rentals in Miami store that can make your event spectacular.

In particular, whether you're arranging a birthday party, family reunion, or a fabulous picnic.

The three primary items that can make your party awesome are bounce house or water slides, tents, and some adequate chairs to seat your guest. Don’t let the event be boring!


Do something different


Yeah, we know about the cake and clowns but what if we saw an enormous bounce house waiting for the kids to play?

That would be just wonderful. What if I tell you that renting or buying a bounce house isn’t that expensive?

Admittedly, we can provide you and your loved ones with one of a kind party experience.

Additionally, some inflatables range from small to large ones to fit any budget. We can get you a fantastic experience and fun. Be unique don’t be boring.




Miami has a way of being too hot or too wet sometimes.

With that in mind, the weather is unpredictable sometimes and nothing like being prepared.

We offer fantastic tent rentals specials for your party or events.

If you don’t know the size, we can offer our expertise in measurements.

We have many types, for instance, pole tents, frame tents, and large tension tents. It’s so important to tie down the tents and as safety is always first.


Chairs and tables


I know the food is significant, but the excellent set of chairs and tables allows the guest to seat.

Because sometimes we see guest eating standing up because there are not enough chairs.

Why trouble yourself with asking a friend or family to borrow tables and seats.

Let us do the challenging work and call us.

Visitors will love the seats because they can watch the children play and be protected by the tent and munching on good food.


 Make an exciting party with an inflatable water slide rental in Miami!



When it comes time to designing your kid’s birthday or occasion party, a waterslide is a great asset.

With inflatable water slide rentals from Party Rentals Miami, we convey the fun and enjoyment of your home!

No reason to keep your birthday list for people to attend an indoor playground, trusting everybody is involved and safe.

With our brilliant and tremendous inflatable water slides, kids can appreciate nature and our beautiful South Florida climate.

Additionally, creat memories and share laugh when you bring a water slide to the gathering!

Inflatable water slide rentals offer a chance to keep everybody engaged for a fantastic time.

Our stock has inflatables that have met or surpassed industry safety models.

Safety is our primary goal and to offer you a safe gathering and an exciting one too.

Small water slides for toddlers, to giant, double path slides for teenagers, and grown-ups.

There is something for everybody in our Miami party rentals store.

Halloween Themes

Halloween is approaching, why not include one of our bounce house and inflatable water slide rental units to your gathering?

Fuel everybody's interest with our 18-foot shark Combo.

Ask your children visitors to gear up in their most loved summer clothing and set them free on the giant oceans shark inflatable.

With a vast 12 X 12 bounce range and energized waterslide joined to the bounce house, youngsters will stay delighted for the length of the party.

After they jump, slide, and climb to their heart content, so they remember there best Halloween ever!

Niagara Falls

Water slide rentals Miami

Though, if your guest is more waters lovers rather than shark lovers, think through our adrenaline-pumping Niagara Falls inflatable water slide.

Intended and designed to make guests feel like they are sliding the “real Niagara Falls,” this massive water slide thrills guests and even adults!

Deliver a stimulating party experience like no other with this joy ride!

With this inflatable water slide rental at your next celebration, memories are sure to be made, and guests will never forget this experience.

Party Rentals Miami here for you!



If you are preparing to go all-out for your next event, consider the majority of our gathering supplies, including tents, chairs, tables, popcorn machines, generators, decorations and more.

At our Miami party rentals store, you can get all you need for your festival. Don’t forget our vast selection of bounce houses and waterslides!

With an enormous determination of colors, topics, sizes and fair prices, we can enable you to make this next party exciting and extraordinary.


 Why Rent a Bounce House vs. Buy?



One problem I have heard in various circumstances is whether somebody should lease a bounce house for their party or buying one.

It appears as an enticing alternative to ponder.

When we burrow further, however, the benefit of leasing bounce houses, through Party Rentals Miami, seems to be a better choice.

The contrast between Amazon and Party Rentals Miami

Initially, there is a significant contrast between a bounce house you may discover on Amazon and the bounce houses that Party Rentals Miami and its partners rent to Miami-Dade area parties and celebrations.

The most significant contrast is quality and strength.

The material that these littler and less expensive playhouses use isn't as robust as the quality that Party Rentals Miami arranges through our suppliers.

Though, this is okay for kids who are young. However, they won't use it as much as they mature more because as they weight more, it puts more stress on the bounce mechanism!

So for little youngsters, these modest online bouncy houses can please them for a couple of years.

When kids get older, however, they won't use these little bouncers without harming them.

Admittedly, we assist many church celebrations, festivals, and celebrations. Our inflatables can withstand a significant measure!

Great Value

Next, bounce houses and jumpers are quite the simplistic inflatables, with a little-elaborated outline. When we continue onward to inflatable slides, water slides, obstacles courses, and other fun party things, the cost goes up!

So when you lease something from party rentals in Miami merchant, the value you get is a small amount of the real price of the thing.

Since we use the items again for various Miami-Dade occasions, we can offer these extraordinary items to individuals all year long!

Serviced and Clean Equipment’s

I'm sure you think about how we keep the inflatables and moonwalks repaired and clean.

Assuredly, we deal with that as well! To begin with, we take an inflatable item back to our site after every use.

We inflate it and review the whole thing for any harms, for example, a tear in the material or any safety issues.

On the off chance, that there is an issue, we bring in a specialist who will decide how to best repair it.

Next, our cleaning group uses our cleaning products to ensure the inflatable looks new and ready to use again.

The last critical part of leasing is safety. Our Miami party rental store and its associates have prided itself on having safe gear and giving the best advice to our clients.

Why we should set up the inflatables, we lease?

So we can set it up to keep the bouncer on the ground, to set up the fan, so it won't flatten while individuals are inside, and to guarantee that individuals know the limits of each inflatable.


So you want to toss an occasion to remember, and not inspired by your regular, average old birthday party, then see Party Rentals Miami!

You need this festival to go down in the history books and your photo gallery.

You have your waterslide combo ready, and you call up all your friends, but they think like you that is the same boring party.

But when you tell them you have waterslide with a pool they start being interested; to finish it off you say to them you rented snacks machine!

Of course, they're coming because it’s fun and enjoyable snacks and how hot Miami gets then becomes a plan.

We know that parties have food but lack diversity.

Pizza and cokes get boring!

Let’s change that with the help of technology via cotton candy, popcorn or nacho, and snow-cone machines.

Cotton candy machine


If there's something that is certain to get individuals in the gathering mood, seeing fluffy of sugary goodness, might get people excited.

Cotton confection machines include sentiment of fun and sure to wow your visitors.

There's no reason to buy a sweet cotton machine for any occasion.

Leasing this sugar party treat is an extraordinary method to save your dollars by buying fewer pizzas and more complex foods.

You could get a small cart to the business models if you expect a lot of visitors.

You may even choose to add other fun food gears.

Popcorn or nacho

popcorn machine

Rent a popcorn or nacho machine.

The smell of food creates heavenly scents and makes people line to gore on hot nachos with cheese or some popcorn with tasty butter.

Making your popcorn gives you a chance to have control over the fixings.

Utilize various types of oil contingent upon your likes or taste.

They're both ideal for picnics or family parties.

Snow cone machine

Snow cone

You want a hit at every party, especially for the Miami weather!

Add ice and turn the unit on, watch as the shaving system changes ice into a delicious snow cone.

The storage compartment allows storage of the sweets.

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