Getting a bounce house from your favorite Bounce House Rental store and bringing it to your kid’s birthday party is a great approach to have good times.
The giggles and smiles make this party the cherished moment a child desires.

Why a bounce house?

Because it’s the best of all inflatables next to water slide, but bouncy houses can be set in places where space is an issue.

Be smart reserve your bouncy house as early as possible.

Reservations are made weeks in advance, but during the summer months, the most famous ones tend to be booked.

Bounce House Rental Miami themes

How to pick the right inflatable for your son or daughter?

Kids often have a favorite film, television show or sometimes children enjoy specific heroes and cartoons.

With these picks, choosing a theme and inflatable can be a simple process.

Whether your child’s favorite is, for example, Cars, Sesame Street, Batman, or something else.

Bounce house rentals can fit the theme for their favorite character.

Fans of Dora or Diego will love an inflatable that features these adorable characters.

Kids who adore the Disney princesses will jump up and down in excitement.

That’s why inflatables come in a variety of designs and styles.

Bounce Size Zone

Setting up your bounce house can be a little confusing to some, but you should have an area picked out beforehand.

The average size of the bounce house units are about 15’x15,’ but some can be the size of a house.

For better calculations and safety issues adding about 3 feet of extra space in the measurements is ideal.

We can either use stakes to anchor the bounce house to the ground.

It can go almost anywhere: driveways, parking lots, and patios are all suitable bounce zones.

Party Time!

An average sized bounce house 15×15 can hold eight children under the age of eight.

Bounce house setup is quick, taking only 20 to 30 minutes.

That leaves plenty of time for fun and fun exercise without saying exercise!

Jumping for 30 minutes can burn up to 240 calories!

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