Inflatable slide Mt Everest
Usually, an inflatable castle purchased from a Bounce House Rental Miami has one entrance and one feature. But exist more models that incorporate an assortment of highlights. As anyone might expect, models that have more highlights cost more.

Inflatable Bounce House Floor

No bounce house exist without a bounce floor. The bounce floor it’s the main reason to recognize inflatable bouncers from other play structures.  The best highlight that a bounce house has is the bouncing floor. Search for a floor that high to enable children to jump and ensure the roof remains high enough. Remember, accidents happen when the roof is too short, or the level stays too hard.

Passages or Tunnels

While inflatable bounce house brings only one area to jump, some incorporate passages to run and crawl. These passages small and thin, so these bounce houses are most appropriate for little kids. This element is a pleasant choice for small children who are not mature enough to jump with others.


Children adore slides as a mainstream fascination bounce houses bring slides. Well, most inflatable bounce house with slides are offered for outside use. In the event, that an indoor model is required, it might be hard to discover one with a slide. Most indoor models with slides are intended for business use and tend to be costly.

What a basketball hoop?

Yes, a b-ball hoop can improve the look and make it all the more pleasant for children to shoot hoops. Indeed, ball hoops in bouncy houses remain removable. When kids get bored, removing can be simple and better for safety. Using delicate b-balls inside the inflatables; because it’s hazardous to use standard b-balls.

Water highlights

Some bounce houses can be coupled with hoses for wet spring or summer fun. In fact, can be used with or without water. A few models even have little pool zones where children can play when they’re not caught up with jumping. The beauty of the inflatables is there are many features that sometimes we want them all.

Bounce House Rental Miami  Obstacle Courses

An incredible approach to improving the interest of an inflatable bouncer is by buying one with obstacle courses. Setting up an obstacle course inside an inflatable house is guaranteed to keep kids involved for a considerable length of time. It’s conceivable to purchase them individually. However, the ideal approach to assuring they are perfect for each other is to be bought together.


Another approach for bounce houses to have good times its walls. Since the floor is springy and bouncy, scaling these dividers is safe and without the kids knowing exercise for their muscles. Indeed, kids often let themselves tumble from the top.

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