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Silver Chiavari bar stool
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Chiavari Kid Chair
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Chairs and Tables Perfect for Events and Weddings!

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Chair Rentals Miami

No matter what the event, we can provide chair rentals for your banquets, weddings, parties, and conventions.

 From intimate dinners to elaborate environments, Party Rentals Miami delivers precisely the right chairs to create the perfect sitting arraignment for every event.

We have a great selection of chairs to choose from for your next event. Please visit our gallery to view our selection. Check out our large chair inventory.

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  • Chiavari Chair Rental Miami
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Sets of Chiavari chairs and tables

Get Ready For Your Graduation Party!

Graduation after party

Graduation is almost here! No matter if your son or daughter is finishing elementary, high school or college. The time is near! The best way to make this happen is to let a party rentals company do the lifting. At dream Party Rentals Miami Beach we have everything your promotion could need. We guarantee a memorable experience for everyone!

Chair Rentals in Miami for Graduation

Now let’s get ready to celebrate an excellent goal for your children which is graduation. As usual, let’s get you cover with tent packages that make sure your party is safe from rain or shine. Also, the grills and cooking items that can guarantee that hungry would be satisfied. Also, chair and tables rentals allow guest to seat. Cheap seats to Chiavari chairs that look spectacular with great linens themes!

Party Rentals in Miami offer a vast variety of items, as well as unusual things that would make your party unique. If budget is an issue, coordinate with neighbors or friends that have children in the same class. Rent the stuff during the weekend; it’s easy to share tents, tables, and chairs and then share the cost. Make sure the canopy is in the perfect spot to provide shade where needed in your yard.

In Summary

No matter the event or party we got you covered. For the most part, party rental Miami chair selection features chair, plastic, wood, and bar stools that fit for any party or events, including kids chairs!

What are the Chiavari Chairs?

Made in 1807 by a cabinet maker from Chiavari on the Italian coast, Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi. Chiavari chairs are a bamboo style chair made in Europe. A subtle look and small design than seats or collapsing seats. They have bamboo style stages both vertical and level on the chair. With extremely short bars on the back of the seat that make them look attractive, and they exist in wood.

However, some try to the present innovation attempt to recreate the wood model with plastic and now made of plastic. The only problem the plastic model of the Chiavari chairs does not copy the wood grain in the seat. If you are searching for an unpainted form and looking for a lighter wood appearance, then it’s critical to look for the real Chiavari chairs.

You won’t perceive any grain it would resemble a painted seat in that shading. The seats come in various colors including silver, gold, and mahogany. Chiavari chairs have become famous for weddings and special events. We do carry this chair for rent. Chiavari chairs emit a simple elegance, making this ballroom chair the perfect choice for any occasion, wedding, events, and birthday party. We offer you beautiful chairs featuring Chiavari styling at amazingly low prices! Chiavari chair rental Miami!

Organizing a wedding?

Wedding Hall

From patio weddings to extravagant balls, Party Rentals Miami carries all the high quality and affordable party rental items you need! We are committed to being a complete event rental company, with unbeatable prices and unparalleled service. Please call, email, or come in for your free consultation today!

Weddings are our specialty! You can rent ceremonial chairs, reception chair rentals, linens, tables, and wedding accessories. We offer you a variety of table and chair rentals to accompaniment any theme including countryside, modern, contemporary, sophisticated, and classic. If you are looking for wedding chair rentals, you can choose from Chiavari chairs, folding chairs, vineyard, love seats, and specialty chairs for the bride and groom!

Table Rentals Miami Sizes

round table top
36 inch round table
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72 inch tables
Rectangular table rental
4 foot x30 inch rectangular table
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Portable Dance Floor Rental

Made with a variety of materials, portable dance floors discuss specific issues or needs. Oak parquet, honeycomb aluminum, laminate, vinyl, designed woods, and hardwoods are used to house diverse styles of dancing.

Oak parquet for indoor use and honeycomb aluminum or laminate for outdoor use. Since dance floors can be flexible for occasions, various factors can assume a part in choosing which the best for the setting.

Likewise, many venues will use a portable surface floor to adjust their stage surface for dance organizations who are leasing or needing the space. While old-fashion portable dance floors feature solid-wood construction, many portable dance floors use an interlocking system for a simple method to connect the pieces. Engineered for both indoor and outdoor performance dance floors are built for superior, robust, and everyday use.

Sprung Floors and Vinyl Floors

The commercial dance floor endures for performance and studio; sprung floorboards are used to prevent injury. Dance routines can be tough on the bodies’ tendons, joints, and bones. Sprung floors help lessen the impact. Usually, these platforms are made of plywood and use rubber as the coil mechanism.

Vinyl Surface Flooring, often used as an alternative surface to traditional hardwood. The popular pick for studio owners and dance companies because vinyl surfaces can accommodate most styles of dance. From Pointe, Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Tap, Ballroom, and Contemporary. Also, be used for fitness classes.

Questions and Answers

How to clean my dance floor?

When cleaning your floor use a mild neutral cleaner, such as EFS floor cleaner. Do not use detergents with ammonia or Abrasives in them, as they can permanently damage your Vinyl dance floor.

What is that black goo on the floor and how can it be prevented?

Clean your floor after dancing to keep aluminum oxide from building up on your floors.

Table and Chairs Rentals Miami

Wedding tent setup

When organizing an event, the tables and chairs play a vital role in the experience, socializing, and carrying out the desired tone of the celebration. At Party Rentals Miami, our team will help you choose the proper ones needed for the event.

Tables for Every Need

How vital are tables and chairs for events? In fact, very important because visitors sit, eat, and drink all day! Sometimes bad chairs break or uncomfortable to sit. Tables moved too much and wobbled if not set right. You know what that means right? That people fuzz over spill drinks instead of the beautiful party. It took away from the extraordinary event and viewed or remember negative so yes is essential to buy the right chairs and tables.

The truth is in detail. Because choosing a long rectangular table shows you are having a spontaneous event. In general, rectangular tables are employed for park brunch or family occasions. They allow people to sit next to each other in long rows and roundtable for a wedding and formal events.

Roundtables make the event or wedding more ceremonial. The tables allow for many people to seat close together. Usually, for conversation since it’s easy to face everyone at the table. Also, when choosing a roundtable, more likely the centerpiece is essential too as it gives a view of elegance.

Cocktail tables stay great around dance floors or near the bar area. Also, used for events that don’t include a lunch or dinner but just drinks and small foods. Additionally, start a formal ceremony with cocktails and appetizers. Then you move your guests to a different room with a more pleasant setup.

Chairs Rentals Miami!

It is essential for seats to match the occasion. Also, at Miami party rentals store we have them all, from Chiavari chairs to plastic chairs and bars stools. Times change and behavior does too. Now you can experiment with seats, and they can add shading and style to your occasions as well! Give us a chance to make smart pitches on your seat decisions.

We carry everything you may need to throw the best events: decorations, linen, flatware, glassware, catering equipment, and even party rentals items like a bounce house and water slides!