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An event tent rental is perfect for hosting outside guests for weddings, birthdays, patio parties, or business occasions. Our tent rental company professionals have many ideas that can assist you with transforming the party rental tent into extraordinary and festive scenes for all kinds of events. 

Outdoor events can go from unusual to exquisite, and there are decorating tips that assist with setting the ambiance. Yes, even business occasions need some fun to keep members intrigued. However, tent decoration doesn’t need to be complicated. So, the more straightforward the approach is, the easier the theme will be once you finished decorating. 

To begin, consider these five decorating tips for event tents below: 

Add Color to your Event

First, decide on a color scheme based on the favorite colors of the birthday child, bride, or host. Then, pick other matching colors and complementary tones. Finally, place the colors correctly; sparingly can add emotion to an occasion, mainly when that color appears in engaging patterns. 

Often, blue napkins with a table color scheme of ivory and lavender can be sufficient to add visual appeal to table settings. You can also add colors thru balloons, hanging fabric and tablecloths, backdrops, and flowers. 


Combining textures add depth to the table style and settings. Use flower vases instead of plain glass to combine textures. For example, mixing various balloon shapes and sizes, hanging coarser woven fabric, incorporating different textures of paper decorations, combining balloons with paper lanterns, or use farm tables without linens. 


Bring nature into the tent to add an extraordinary feeling. Flowers are essential for nature, yet there are different aspects of nature that upgrade any party. Use potted plants on the tables rather than flowers or roses. Add branches in essential spots. Leafless branches can be decorated with lights or paint. Small branches can improve table settings. 

Instead of putting flowers on the tables, use herbs like sages, basil, or cilantro to add a charming scent. Maybe there is a nearby nursery that rents boxed trees and plants. Consider leasing a clear top tent and enjoy nature and the star-filled sky around nighttime. 

Event Tent Rental Lighting 

Lighting sets the mood, and there are a few alternatives for lighting the best party tents when you have an available power source. Besides adding traditional string lights, solar lights are a cheap way to add subtle lighting. Both types of string lights come in colors also. 


Layers are simple to add to a tent. Add an arbor inside, or drape fabric, balloons, or paper decorations at different heights. You can hang flowers or greenery from the highest point of the tent. 

Party Rentals Miami Beach your Tent Event Rental Expert

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A party rental company like Party Rentas Miami Beach supplies everything from the tent, dance floors, chairs and tables, and accessories. We have many years providing event services to our customers in the Miami-Dade area. 

While picking a tent rental company, ensure to choose one with a total inventory besides delivery services, so your event starts on time. One place to shop for all the party supplies is better, headache-free, and more affordable than working with different merchants.

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