There are many types and styles of bounce house rental in Miami to pick from; however, which inflatable castle rentals will best work for you? Party rentals near me will show you the type of inflatable castles available:

Is there a particular topic?

Bouncy castles
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You need to match your event theme with the inflatable castle rentals, alongside the color, and the types of entertainments that it brings.

Games themed gatherings ought to have sports activities inflatables, while princess themed gatherings ought to have princess inflatables. Don’t worry there a lot of models to pick.


What are the measurements of the inflatable castle setup area?


The measure of space is essential before any buying or leasing since knowing it enables you to pick which inflatable castle rentals would fit or which one will work.

What is your financial plan?

Knowing your financial plan and the amount to spend can genuinely limit what you’re going to get.

Here are estimates for various types of inflatables:

  • Small Bounce Houses $80 – $150
  • Small Inflatable Combos $140 – $250
  • Dry Slides $150 – $200
  • Water Slides/Games $200 – $400
  • Inflatable Courses $250 – $490
  • Games Activities $200 – $1000

*Remember cost varies mostly because of their sizes.

Where is your gathering going to be held?

Hosting your get-together at a house, Public Park, business, or a charity will have their restrictions.

Not every open area permit all inflatables, but some will need a permit.

Any questions ask your Miami Party Rental.


What age group is attending your inflatable castle rentals party?

toddler Mickey Park inflatable castle rentals

Knowing the age group that is attending your party is an essential aspect of renting an inflatable.

Renting the wrong inflatable castle can lead to safety issues as well as unsatisfactory use since teenagers need a more significant inflatable than a small children party.


Is it a pool party?


Some inflatables exist only for water use, while others aren’t suitable for water since they could cause injuries or damage the inflatable waterslide.

Inflatables that don’t use water perhaps will not go well with a water party.

That’s why you ask for a water or dry waterslide and even the combo wet/dry water slide.

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