Inflatable Castles tips to a Better and Safer Celebration

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Bounce House Rental Miami create any child’s celebration a massive success. However, you have to feed your guest, entertainment to hire, decorations to hang, along with other things.

However, the final result would be well worth the effort, although it’s tricky to pull off without a few slip-ups on the way. Do you want to rent an inflatable castle, obstacle course, waterslides or other fun items? So, let’s help you steer clear of any issues by following these Party Rentals Miami tips!



Request if the inflatable castles come with high-quality materials and equipment. It ought to go with bounce house material norms. To guarantee safety, it ought to originate from commercial quality vinyl. The ideal way to judge an inflatable castle will be to check the standard of the materials utilized for creating it. The robust bounce homes are made of woven oxford fabric or PVC tarpaulin.



Adults bouncing on a inflatable castle
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Bouncy homes come in various shapes, sizes, and layouts. The broad variety empowers people to select one which best fit their occasion topic. It’s essential for thematic events like a birthday celebration as you could pick themes like Batman, Dora, Adults, Movie, and, other types.


Size of the event area


Bouncy houses remain one of the most significant items party rentals companies sell and even though they come from toddler types they also could stand as big as a three-story building. Discover how much area you will need to put your inflatable castle.

When setting up your inflatable in your patio make sure you have enough room to move! The trendy bouncy house is 15ft x 15 ft. However, they need 20 ft or more of space. So, you would likely need to leave enough area between your home and your fence to move around. Remember it also requires space to put the blower and the generator if you don’t have a power source.



cleaning supplies



All inflatables must get sterilized before and after usage. Moreover, the equipment given by the inflatable rental business has to be in good shape and thoroughly washed. It’s an excellent method of preventing severe illness.

Occasionally fumes from chemicals used for cleaning stays around the inflatables, and if it’s not washed correctly, then it could give nauseous or dizzy.


Size Matters


The inflatable has to be large enough to accommodate all of the kids in attendance, so consequently, size remains essential. However, overcrowding the inflatable castle impacts its durability and could get damaged resulting in kids getting hurt. It’s also crucial to take into account the number of kids inside the bounce house at each specific time as it has limits.


Safety first

Custom made tie down strap
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You cannot ignore safety as everyone has heard stories of bounce houses flying or kids breaking his or her arm or leg and even death. Bouncy homes have a specific age limit rule. Now, supervision gets ignored, and people get hurt. Teenagers cannot jump with little kids! Tie downs could be the most significant deterrent to keeping your inflatable on the ground so, make sure they’re secured down correctly.


Look out for water lines and electricity lines


Do not allow your utilities to get damage! Water lines are buried underground out of staking site. Massive stakes are needed to maintain your inflatable firmly tied to the floor.  Usually, 18-36 inches long. Some bounce house stands more than 20 feet so check for power lines before installation.


Supervision & rules

Kids sliding and bouncing on a inflatable
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Children could jump high especially when they’re having fun. However, the amount of kids at your bouncy house needs to be controlled as a way to cut the odds of unforeseen chaos or harm. Get or pay someone to supervise the number of people the bounce house admit as all have a limit of people and weight.


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