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Party Rentals Miami has provided tents & canopies for home and commercial use all around Miami-Dade County.

Call us to see how we can help you with your party area needs! Above all, our knowledgeable staff will assist you from start to finish.

Let us help you with your next event whether it is a home party or your dream wedding. Additionally, full-time event staff available to help you plan that special occasion.

Versatile and attractive, Party Rentals Miami have standard tents and canopies that are most frequently used for their low cost and flexibility.


Tent rental Miami Size

  • The sizes of the tents vary from 10 feet to 50 feet wide. These canopies are built with aluminum frames and anchored to the ground.
  • Indeed, these tents are built with aluminum frames and anchored to the ground.
  • These tents have no center poles.
  • The aluminum frame supports the vinyl top and anchors are used to hold the tent frame in place.
  • Frame tents can extend to any length.
  • To summarize, tents provide a wide variety of options, including a sidewall and French doors.
  • Rent a tent now for your event or company event. We have the perfect tents for your occasion.


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Frame Tents at tent rental Miami

The most effortless to assemble, frame tents serve to a significant degree well for one-day, traditions, weddings and parties.

Typically, where staking into the ground is impossible. With a system that makes the put together and dismantling basic and clear.

Chiefly, there is no place you can't put a frame tent as long as you have adequate floor space. Now and again, frame tents are more suitable than pole and tension tents since individuals would want to be outside.

Notably, using this type of canopy to cover the food and the mixed drink bar is sufficient since seating under the sun is best.

Pole Tents

With a comparable structure to that of a frame tent. Additional, pole tents withstand substantial downpours and strong winds.

Pole tents are the best decision when you have unknown factors, especially breezy spring and fall climate. A large number of visitors likewise makes this canvases significant. On the off-chance, that a frame tent might not have enough space underneath, a pole tent is by and large a quick thought.
Tension Tents

Handling beams and high-pressure wires, tension tents can be set up to cover vast regions. Notwithstanding, incorporating extensive areas, these canopies include high roofs, which implies the expansion of power, lights and roof fans is conceivable.

All in all, there the prettiest to look at because of the high peaks and graceful curves of these tensioned tents define elegance and can adapt to virtually any configuration your event demands.

Points to Consider For Your Tent Rental Miami

Have a special event on your agenda? Getting ready for a wedding?  It a good idea to consult an events planner to make sure your party it’s the “bomb." A concern people have is about the space and where visitors were going to stand or seat.

Generally, for these outside occasions, to maximize the space, you would rent a great tent. With so many factors to consider when renting a canopy, ask a tent rentals administrator for sizes and measurements. Avoiding accidents can save you time, money, unsatisfied guest, and improper seated people.

Sizes, Shapes, and Colors

Party rental Miami has several tents. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors.  Usually, white or black but also, customary colors too. Knowing the number of people that are estimated to show up is an essential point before picking your tent.

Some typical tent sizes include:

  •  20' x 40' tent can put up 100 seated people and 64 seated at round tables of 8.
  •  30' x 60' tent can accommodate 225 seated theater style, 144 seated at round tables of 8, or 180 seated.
  •  40' x 60' tent could accommodate 120 seated at round tables of 8 with a food bar, multiple cakes, and dance floor.
  • A common choice of shape is the pinnacle type which enjoys being able to stand itself from the stronger wind.

Quality and Safety

High-quality tents made from steel frames or solid cloth used for the cover. Party rentals Miami uses only high-quality materials which guarantee it won’t break down from the wind.

Consider the ground before using a tent. There are some types of canopies that work with grass, dirt, and concrete. The platform of your event is essential because of the tie downs, for safety issues.

Making a contract is smart because you need to know about the dangers, charges, and the restrictions of the tents. When not following these guidelines charges will carry out.

To avoid issues when tent leasing, look into the business you are using.

Are they dependable?

Is it true they are quality?

What different events have they accommodated?

You never recognize what circumstance you may get into if there is an issue in your occasion because of their flawed equipment.