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Lily Splash Water Slide

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Water slide rentals Miami

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18 Foot Shark Tank Water Slide

18 Foot Shark Tank Water Slide

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Water slide Rentals Miami


  •  Amazing party rental waterslides can be utilized in wet, dry, indoor, and outdoor.


  • For parties, parks, festivals and more, slides make a great choice.


  • Plus water adventure slides are always fun especially, in summer.


  • Guaranteed clean equipment and safe to use.


  • Beat the Sun with Fun!! Waterslides are definitely the most fun of all the great bounce inflatables available.


  • Also, with a water slide in your front-yard or park, the kids will have a blast all day.


  • Fun for all ages.


Rent a water slide for your next party or event in Miami, Broward, and Dade County. Come and see Party Rentals Miami!

Water Slide Rentals, Inflatable Slides & Wet Inflatables – Reserve Yours Today!




Combo Dry

          Combo with Rainbow 13x24x12                        

Lease the EZ Castle Combo Waterslide

Remarkable NON-SLIPPERY material that makes it great for riders to skip, bounce, and jump to their soul’s content in a safe and wet condition. Additionally, this Non-Slippery material is not like anything organizations utilize, it is an extraordinary material utilized just in Party Rentals Miami Beach. Wet and dry combos to make it safe for riders. Highlights are bouncing regions, 2 story platinum climb to a pool toward the end. Normal Garden Hose expected to setup area.

Comco Wet and Dry

Rent the EZ Princess Combo Wet and Dry

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NON-SLIPPERY material that makes it safe for riders to bounce, jump, and hop to their heart's content in a safe and wet environment. This Non-Slippery material is not like anything other companies use.  Special material used only in Party Rentals Miami Beach wet and dry combos to make it safe for riders. Features Princess theme, bouncing area, basketball hoop, water system, slide, and a pool at the end. Regular Garden Hose required for setup.


What Beats  Waterslides in the summer?

High Summer Temperature
Water slide Rental Miami

The high summer heat seems to be so overwhelming in Miami and other areas nearby. An exciting water slide is one of the best ways to cool off in this hot weather! Whether you are sliding down a slide into a pool. Similarly, maybe sliding under a spray of water, one thing is for sure: water slides are fun, fun, fun! Water-slides come in all shapes and sizes.  Admittedly, they are the best inflatables that you can set up at wherever. Granted, anywhere that has a water source nearby.


When the temperature is intensifying, you can beat the summer heat with an inflatable water slide rentals in Miami. Why make a normal party when you can rent a high quality and safe inflatable water- slides? Especially, if you are willing to spend just a little more, there are many inflatable water slides that come in different shapes and sizes that can suit any type of event or budget.

What to bring to the water-slide party?

On your invites, tell parents to bring swimming gear, towels, and a change of clothes. Measure the size of your yard or party space to find the exact size of the slide that will work for your space.

Bring the kids to pick the theme!

  Bring your child in the selection process by giving him a range of options to choose from that are within your budget and size limits.

You can pick from large dual slides or even small versions of the wild rapids slide for large-scale events.

Smaller parties can use a themed slide, such as pirates for child themes, normally, to attract more kids.

Quick Bounce House and Water slide Rentals Miami Tips

Bounce house and waterslides tips

Leasing an inflatable water slide or bounce house can be an unforgettable memory for children or young adult.

However, not taking the basic guidelines can turn that memory bitter. These energizing, large and brilliant slides are ideal for any party or unique event.

In other words, a quick review of these guidelines, exclusively will it be a magnificent time for everybody, it will be a safe one as well.

Do you have enough space?

In case you're setting up a bounce house in your terrace, make sure you have enough space! The most well-known bounce houses are
15 ft. x 15 ft.

In addition, make use of that trusty measuring tape to make sure you have no less than 20 feet in the two directions.

You need to leave room between your fence and house on the off-chance that you have to get behind the unit once inflated.

Bounce houses need blowers, blowers need power!

The power from the bounce house originates from the blower. These blowers need power, so make certain there is an outside electrical plug-in working demand.

Yet, if there is no electrical plug accessible mandate a generator with your rental. On the off-chance, that no generator is accessible, specify the circumstance to your rental organization so that they can be set up with more electrical lines.

       This enables the ability to keep running from inside – out to the setup area. Is there a power source 115 volts with 20 amperes committed circuit inside 100 ft. of the further corner of the setup area?

Swimwear no clothes with zippers, please!

In the first place, it is encouraged that visitors wear just swimwear on the water slides. Clothes with Zippers or metal accessories can destroy the unit’s water-slide liners making riders go slower and can likewise cause tears, and even once in a while injury. Admittedly, cause the customer liability charges for the damage inflatable.

Ant killer!

 Spread ant killer 1 – 2 days before the event or party. Specifically, around the area you want the water slide/bounce house to be set. Additionally, 24 hours before your party, check the stubborn ant piles and look for any suspicious hazards where the items will be settled.

Adult supervision!

 It would be ideal if you make certain there is adult supervision constantly! Certainly, one second is all it needed for mishaps to occur. Therefore, watch out for a number of children suggested for every unit at any given time.

Water slide Rentals Miami New Rules and Tips


  • In the event that you are throwing the occasion from your home assure you have enough space for the waterslide.


  •  Going to a recreation center for your occasion but you will require a generator. We got you at Party Rental Miami. We have them ready at whatever point you require a generator.


  • Inquire as to whether they are insured and licensed if there should be an occurrence of a mishap.


  • A grown-up ought to supervise the waterslide to ensure everybody is using in the right way.


  • No dive first as can cause injury.


  • Ensure the climate is good, don't use if lightning or winds are too strong.