Wedding vendors need calls, I want to start by saying that we are not biased against any wedding rental lead service provider. Our job as a Miami Party Rental Directory is to explain the good, the bad, and the scams, not promoting our directory. You need to know that when choosing a lead service, you better understand how it works. We did our research on the digital marketing of top wedding/event lead varieties of services.

Let’s begin with who we are; we are digital marketers and specialize in SEO services, Pay-Per-Click, and Pay-Per-Calls. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s understand what’s a better fit for your marketing sales strategy. Understood that SEO, Google Ads, Social Media, and directories have their good and cons. But how do you invest six months to a year in a company?

Our recommendation is to first look at your needs as a wedding vendor. Are you generating lead calls with SEO, PPC, or any digital marketing yet? However, if you are doing ok and want more sales calls to invest in, this information is for you too. So, you are now looking at Knot, WeddingWire, Yelp, and everything you can find.

Let’s look at The Wedding & Knot.

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I know they have different names, but I group knot & wedding to the wire the same. They are primarily, in my view, a service that caters first to the people needing help with their weddings and party events. Why? Without buyers, they can’t grow a directory. Now you, the vendor, how can it work for you? Use it passively, low on budget? You can create a free profile; I don’t recommend the second-tier package, a few more photos, and replying to reviews doesn’t cut the $50 a month, in my opinion.

I say this because you probably won’t get to review more than one client on that package. Well, don’t take it from me; type any of these directories reviews. But not all is bad with The Wedding & Knot; see it as an add-on to your digital marketing.

But their “cool go-to package” can be good if you are willing to fork up a few bucks, around $140 for a decent package. I heard as long as you don’t have huge expectations, you might get a few clients during the year contract. Now understand that if your website and social media profiles are not excellent top quality, they will scroll to your competitor no matter what diamond package someone sees your profile.

I see these services as add-ons to your digital marketing strategy.

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They are suitable for exposure and some leads, but you need to focus more on your online marketing with your website and social media. The benefits are good from directories; we are promoting ours, can’t hate on them. You can’t go in these directories thinking you will get hundreds of calls a month; use them for what they are worth.

Just remember that they are minimal unless you are in the top 3 on their page. My advice the good is to link back to your social sites and understanding that if you did your PPC, you would be right next to them competing, drops the mic. SEO & PPC will give you a better (ROI) especially if you start or budget. But here is the bad news about SEO, it can take around seven months. Now PPC is dangerous if an expert is not handling it, so please research this service thoroughly.

The ugly is getting scammed by even worse directories, not us; I assure you we don’t charge a leg. Just understand that they are your niche and don’t get sold by a sleazy salesman. I hope you got something out of this article, especially Wedding vendors that need calls.

So what is better for when wedding vendors need calls?

Simple; first, do your research on yourself as a company and figure out if your budget allows you to work on your local rankings or PPC. But if you are low on budget and need leads fast, an excellent Pay-Per-Lead company can provide you with a good return. Paying per call is the easiest way when you need clients and low on budget.

If you pay $20 a call and you can close 10 out of 40, and your selling ticket is $500? That equals $5,000 minus $800; you will be able to reinvest and grow. Ok, folks, that’s all today; I got to go to a party! By the way I was being sarcastic about these two brands, click the link above and see the merge.