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There are many reasons brides, grooms, and party planners alike adore tent weddings in Miami. However, creating a wedding canopy is not as easy as setting the tent you take on a camping trip. It needs much more planning or preparation and requires more dedication and hard work.

For example, a good wedding equipment company in Miami planner plans the ambiance, the cozy, romantic atmosphere, and finds a way to protect the wedding from the elements!  For instance, who doesn’t love the appearance of tent rentals in Miami that is clear or see-through?

Even though a structure is excellent at bringing the outside to your event, clear tents function as a greenhouse, trapping hot air and posing a hazard to plants like flowers, and if you don’t have a cooling system, then the guest will get sweaty.

Also, maybe you’re concerned your tent is too large for the party size, then add lighting to make your huge tent look cozy and romantic. Those are just a couple of straightforward tips party rentals in Miami will give you to create a wonderful tent event:


Choose a style for the tent weddings

Tent wedding planning

You’re likely going to need something fast, secure, and straightforward to set up. Not only does it decrease the cost of labor, but it will also make your day much less stressful. Usually, the type of event dictates the kind of tent that you will require.

Usually, tents are offered in many different styles and sizes. Some designs don’t have any interior poles meaning there are no middle obstructions perfect for pictures. Furthermore, offering maximum flexibility and space, which is excellent for a huge wedding.

Framework or freestanding tents work well when installing the canopy on wooden decks, concrete, asphalt, and balconies. Typically, any surface where center poles and stakes cannot be utilized. After measuring your place, remember that you must add three meters to the base region’s width and length to permit space for staking.

Now, making a small reception, then using an upscale Capri style tent is ideal for you. You could pick from a vast assortment of fabric options such as peek-a-boo translucent, opacity, polyester, cotton/canvas, and much more; the decision is yours.


Stop by the occasion site

It is also a fantastic idea to set an appointment to see the wedding reception site beforehand of your wedding but bring your tent rental expert with you. Together with the site’s agent, you need to inspect the suggested tent area and inquire about the floor’s firmness.

Usually, getting a tent close to the beach will require concrete blocks instead of staking as the sand won’t allow any staking. Ask about any underground dangers, including sprinkler systems, gas lines, septic, or sewer tanks. It would help if you made sure your visitors’ security, along with the structure, remains safe.


Choose your heating and air conditioning system

Get fresh air with a fan


If you don’t know Miami temperatures are humid and warm, you don’t know heat. It is vital to be ready with specialized equipment based on the season and location of your marriage. The temperature is mostly a significant reason for distress for your wedding or reception guest, so you will have to lease some gear to fight off the elements.

Many tent rental services offer equipment, such as cooling systems, AC units, high and ground fans, misting fans, and much more. Also, they offer heating equipment for Miami cold seasons, such as outdoor and floor heaters. Make sure to ask the right questions and choose what is ideal for your requirements.


Consider getting tent weddings accessories

You have to add accessories to complete your canopy’s appearance since the tent is a blank canvas. Many tent rental shops can include side-walls, lighting, windows, setup of wood tent flooring, and fixtures.

For instance, music equipment, gazebos, latticework, columns, aisle runners, wishing wells, candelabras, dance floors, special-effects lighting, plus more. The choices are infinite. Decide what equipment is most crucial to you and figure out how to match the items and right for your financial plan.

Read your seller contract

Read before signing contract

You sign a leasing agreement and pay a deposit once you find a tent you adore. Likely the deposit will be around one-third of your tent’s lease fee.

Understand the cancellation charge as sometimes your deposit could be non-refundable should you cancel within two weeks of your wedding. Make sure to read the contract before signing any agreement.

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